How to Plan a Wedding with a Food Truck Caterer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the "Marriage Capital of the World", is all about making unforgettable memories and celebrating love in a unique way. What better way to add a fun twist to your wedding than with a food truck? 

Here's how to plan your wedding with our food truck catering service.

1. Set Your Budget

First things first, figure out how much you can spend on food and drinks. Food truck catering can be a great way to save money while offering amazing food. Knowing your budget will help you decide which of our catering options is best for you.


2. Decide When You Want the Food Truck

Decide how you want to incorporate the food truck into your wedding. 

  • Pre-Ceremony Snacks: Offer delicious tacos as guests arrive and enjoy their champagne.
  • Main Meal: Make the food truck the centerpiece of your reception dining.
  • Midnight Snack: Provide a fun, late-night option for guests to enjoy after dancing and drinking.

3. Choose Your Food Truck Package

We offer three awesome packages to fit any wedding style:

All You Can Eat: Perfect for a party atmosphere, this option includes a limited menu with Birria tacos, queso tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. Sides and drinks are optional. Your guests can eat as much as they want without worrying about portions. This option works well for small to medium-sized weddings.

Individual Meals: Each guest gets a pre-selected meal, like three Birria queso tacos with rice and beans. This is great for medium-sized to large parties.

Open Tab: Let your guests order anything from our full menu. This is ideal for a late-night snack session. After dancing the night away, your guests can satisfy their cravings, and you'll settle the bill at the end of the event.

4. Check Venue Requirements

Make sure your venue can accommodate a food truck. We need parking space and sometimes permits, but don't worry—we bring our own electricity and water, so you won't have to deal with that.


5. Plan the Menu

Work with us to create a menu that fits your wedding vibe. From Birria tacos to burritos and tasty sides, we've got something for everyone, including options for vegetarians and gluten-free guests.


6. Coordinate Timing

Schedule when the food truck should arrive and start serving. We're quick and efficient, but having a plan ensures everything runs smoothly.


7. Decide on Serving Style

Will guests order directly from the truck, or will you have waiters? Direct ordering adds an interactive element, while waiters can make things faster.


8. Arrange Seating

Ensure there's enough seating for everyone. Think about picnic tables, high-top tables, or a designated dining area to keep things comfortable and casual.


9. Collaborate with Other Vendors

If you have other vendors, like a bar service or a dessert table, make sure everything is coordinated. This keeps your event running smoothly. We are happy to recommend dessert vendors if you wish.


10. Personalize Your Experience

Add personal touches like custom menu items or signs with your names and wedding date. Little details make your celebration uniquely yours.


11. Plan for Weather

If your wedding is outdoors, have a backup plan in case of bad weather or extreme heat. A tent or canopy can ensure everyone stays dry and protected from the sun and happy. 


12. Enjoy the Process

Planning should be fun! Your wedding is about celebrating your love, and adding a food truck brings a unique, enjoyable twist.


At Vitos Tacos we specialize in all things birria - tacos, quesadillas, and more, all made with fresh ingredients and slow-cooked beef and chicken. Our experienced team will ensure your Las Vegas wedding is unforgettable with seamless service and mouth-watering food. You can even taste our offerings at one of our local restaurants before committing to our services. Our fleet of attractive food trucks will complement your wedding aesthetics beautifully. Plus, our trucks are self-sustained, requiring no external water or electricity, but can also run on supplied electricity if preferred. We are dedicated to making your wedding uniquely yours and are happy to accommodate any special requests to tailor the experience to your vision. We understand that plans can change, so we offer flexibility in guest count adjustments right up until the day of your event.